March, 2011 Issue #118



Paul "Ticky" Armentrout, 95, of Keezletown, Virginia passed away March 1, 2011.  This month we picked up the mail and found a beautiful letter from Betty Armentrout informing us that we won't be seeing Ticky this year during our annual family visit to the Shenandoah Valley.  The photo above was taken last year in Ticky's "tool shed" with his younger brother Mark, "Babe" Armentrout.




This year's Summit was held in our own back yard, so to speak.  Piedmont Biofuels and The Abundance Foundation collaborated with Central Carolina Community College to bring biodiesel enthusiasts from all over the country and Denmark.  Lyle donned his top hat and told The Piedmont Story: From A Canoe Paddle in a 55 Gallon Drum to Enzymatic Production.




Matt Steiman came down from Dickinson College, stayed in our "Plant Room" and talked about the Dickinson College Biodiesel project.  Frankie stayed up the road at Oilseed and stopped in for breakfast after a little mind melding with Spot.




SBS drew biodiesel friends from everywhere.  Lorance and Debra from Colorado drove in and stayed with us for a few days, Marco Poloing in some delicious hand picked black beans, pintos and pinons.  Mike came to help on his way to California and stopped by to see the house formerly known as yellow where he lived as an intern.




Mitchell and Caleb drove down from Chattanooga and spent a little time in the garden with Bob.




Some mycelium in the slant (test tube) is the way to ensure future mushrooms like this handsome specimen given us by Adam who grew it in a bucket on newspaper and coffee grounds. Bob has taken his mushroom cultivation up a notch.  See more at:  Bob's Mushroom Lab



Every week the neighbors get together for potluck.  In addition to the usual suspects, we were happy to see Lyle's brother, Glen at the crokinole table.  We still had our Mardi Gras masks laying around, so Jill and Camille donned two of them and kept on telling stories. 



The Bradford Pear is in bloom again which is a sure sign of Spring.




Tami and Lyle created Trail Crawl eleven years ago as a way to connect the neighbors on both sides of Stinking Creek.   Although it had rained heavily the day before, we were able to cross the creek without getting our feet too wet.   We put a few more pictures here:  Trail Crawl 2011


"If you've lost the capacity to be outraged by what's outrageous, you're dead." Wendell Berry, horse farmer, teacher and writer

"Unhappiness is an ego-created mental-emotional disease that has reached epidemic proportions. It is the inner equivalent of the environmental pollution of our planet. Negative states such as anger, anxiety, hatred, resentment, discontent, envy jealousy, and so on, are not recognized as negative but as totally justified and are further misperceived not as self-created but as caused by someone else or some external factor. 'I am holding you responsible for my pain.' This is what by implication the ego is saying." - Eckhart Tolle

"Appearing cheerful is vital in a society where all of life is monitored by an employer, a credit rating bureau or the media's projection of the world, and mediated by the financialization of life's every aspect." - Joe Bageant, The Iron Cheer of Empire

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