September, 2011 Issue #124


1974 GHANA

Bob was only 16 years old when he took a lorry north from Ghana with his brother Jim and friend Peter.  Thank you, Peter, for sharing your photos from this trip!




It's the same old Bob, celebrating his fifty-third birthday and heading off to work in his orange jump suit.  No, he isn't doing time, that's just the color Andy bought for the biofuels program.



Molly and Shane moved into the house next door with Garth and Amy joining our little band of neighbors at the bend.  They brought Kilo and Kingsley, two elusive tiger cats in the car all the way from Colorado.  Upon arrival, Kilo bolted and hid underneath Jason and Haruka's house for ten days before we got serious and borrowed a trap.  Amy and Garth were very happy to be reunited with their handsome pet and one day, we'll get a picture of them.




Shane and Molly share a laugh in front of the crepe myrtle.  Proof that they're not in Colorado anymore.  Their family and friends miss them but we're glad they're here!  Shane had a little tangle with the bed frame and tore his foot wide open but he was back on his feet in only a few days.  Some people are brave.  Some people are happy.  And some are both.




Our little goldfish pond outside the front door has turned into Frog Country as well.  Cute little fella!




Bob rounded up the poplar leaves which are always the first to fall and tidied up the front lawn.  Then he jumped on the orange, community shared husqvarna, and smoothed out the lawn beside the road.  And no, we don't use round up.




There were some really pretty days in September.  We had a lot of rain which cleansed the air and brought out the birds and pampas grass.  The cardinals have been especially active with the cooler weather.  Spot is beginning to grow his winter coat.




Inspired by classes she is taking for CCCC's Natural Chef program, Amy took on the challenge of making ravioli for dinner.  She teamed up with Molly and made succulent morsels of hand rolled pasta filled with roasted butternut squash, caramelized onion, pecan and sage.  We served them with a vegan alfredo sauce, ratatouille and mixed braised greens.  The most satisfying meals are those home made using mostly locally grown ingredients.




The daikon, edamame and mint are happy to be in a sunny spot.  We have yet to harvest the daikon but have been gorging ourselves on edamame.  Bob's work as a renewable energy instructor allows him access to all kinds of cool equipment.  The blue dome is a gimmick which is useful when positioning solar panels.  It shows any objects that may be blocking the sun during any time of the year.



Bob and Camille went for a walk in the woods on one of the most spectacular days.  This is Jason and Haruka's pond a few moments after a rock was tossed into it.



A little further through the woods is another, much bigger pond which was recently dredged and is now slowly refilling as it rains.  It should be full and good for diving into by next summer.




Happy Birthday, Bob!  Jason found a big basket of mushrooms in the woods and brought them over on Bob's birthday to share.  The chanterelles smelled faintly of apricots and were delicious when sautéed in margarine.  It was a big mushroom month all the way around.  Check out some more mushroom pictures at Shrooms a Poppin!


"Every bushel of industrial corn requires the equivalent of between a quarter and a third of a gallon of oil to grow it—or around fifty gallons of oil per acre of corn. (Some estimates are much higher.) Put another way, it takes more than a calorie of fossil fuel energy to produce a calorie of food." - Michael Pollan

"What the world needs today is not more oil. but more leadership." -  Lester R Brown from Plan B 2.0

"Find your place on the planet, dig in, and take responsibility from there." - Gary Snyder

"The beginning is near." - Occupy Wall Street Demonstrator's Sign

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