1999 - 2004


MAUI 2000 - 2004

Camille's 50th birthday, June 4, 2004 was a good excuse for Bob to whisk her away to Hawaii's Big Island for a horseback ride through the Waipio Valley.




Our good friend Cynthia's two-year-old in a state of distress after losing his pasture mate, Ku Kanaka on June 1, 2004.  Windsor's birthday is May 17.



Chantilly took Ku's place and made it very clear that she wasn't interested in fooling around with her new pasture mate.



Camille took more than 550 people across Pi'iholo Ranch in 100 rides between April 4, 2003 and February 28, 2004.  This little horse is Bobcat.  He arrived July 15, 2003 and quickly acquired a reputation as a Houdini.  Despite his bad habits, or perhaps because of them, Camille really enjoyed working with him.  He was quick as a cat but not in the least bit nervous.


Gundi joined Camille on May 8, 2003 from Germany.  She was on island for a convention of dentists.  She is riding Hanalei here.  Behind her is the Pi'iholo cinder cone and beyond that, West Maui and Molokai.  A few weeks later, Gundi mailed a lovely card and more than a dozen photos from this ride.


February 28 with Jim Hayden and his wife Natalie who pose here with Friday and Major.



What is going on here?  To find out, go to Chant's Big Adventure on our photo album for March, 2002.



Bob with Pele and Camille with Watch Me , who took first and second place respectively in their first class .  Watch Me did not take favorably to Bob leading Pele away.  She broke loose from Camille to gallop down the asphalt not long after this picture was taken.  Luckily, she didn't hurt herself and Camille got her to the arena in time to win second place after Cynthia finished her ride on Pele.



Carole Crist, her sister Trish and Camille were in the habit of taking horseback romps through the pineapple fields of Maui in 2001.  Philigree is the horse Camille rode and they always have a great time together.


We snapped this photo at a horse show and often see this trailer around town quite.

OAHU 1999 - 2000


After we sold all the horses and ponies from Camp Smith, we found work feeding and cleaning stalls at Hilltop Ranch in Waimanalo.  


Camille also groomed this fine animal for weekend shows and turned him out for exercise during the week.  Bob teaches young Amy to drive the Gator in the safe confines of the ranch.



Bob and Camille got a lot of riding in on Bubba and CP while Bob was the Stables Manager for the Marines at Camp Smith Stables.

Bob also got to haul our charges to events in this 12-horse rig.  Bob was managing 17 school horses and 4 instructors for the Marine Corps with Camille's help.  Mostly Bob worked and Camille played with CP.


CP stands for Cow Pony, Chess  Piece, Cutie Pie or Camille's Pony.  He was Camille's favorite playmate at Camp Smith Stables on Oahu.  CP was only 14.3 hands but full of energy and incredibly well-balanced.  He loved to get out and race around,  He had a bad habit of making a quick U-turn and changing direction at the canter which frightened some of the school kids badly.


On the trail, he was a handful but eventually calmed down enough to walk without blowing like a freight train.  Start a trot, however and it would begin all over.  He has a special place on the trail where he liked to eat the red dirt. No matter what acrobatics he was engaged in, Camille never felt as if either of them were off-balance.




Bubba was like gold when out on the trail and Bob could always count on him.  But in the arena, Bubba would get all worked up and try to buck Bob off.  This is what years of use as a school horse can do to an otherwise well-adjusted animal.

For a number of reasons, we all decided that the best thing for everyone concerned was to close down the stables and have a dispersal sale.  After 50 years serving the Marines, Camp Smith Stables had become ecologically and economically unfeasible.  On the one hand it was sad to see the horses and ponies go but on the other it was exciting to see them off to their new homes.

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