NC RIDING - 2012

Another happy year of traipsing through the tangled wooded trails, over red dirt logging roads and overgrown power lines with a great gaggle of horse women on their trusty steeds


SPRING MIXER - February 26



First there were three, then five and then seven of us on the trail. This is the first time since I began riding with this group that we've run into other riders. Sharon, Barbara and I saw two other riders sitting up the hill from us along the power line and didn't recognize Fritzi and Barb until we got closer. We were going in the same direction so we fell in with each other. About an hour later, we crossed paths with Dallas and John. Naturally, we stopped to chit chat and then John, a great story teller, entertained us with a few tales before he and Dallas rode on.




Sharon and Barbara with Peggy tucked in there somewhere as seen through Hailey's ears.  Barbara on the ground, after checking Joker's boo boo with Simon snuffling her for treats. Sharon is laughing, as per usual while Hailey and Mingo have silent words with each other.

Last years rides here: Riding NC 2011


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