Vegetarian Products


Got Bacon?  Worthington's Stripples and Morningstar's Bacon Strips are made of soy with egg whites and taste great on BLT's and Spinach Salad.  Just bake for 10 minutes on a cookie sheet.  The clean up is a whole lot easier than cleaning up after animal bacon.

Bocca's Ground Burger, on the right is another great tasting, messless soy product.  Just snip open the frozen pouch and add to spaghetti sauce, chili or anything you're used to adding ground beef in.  We've gotten fantastic results with it in shepherd's pie, tacos, burritos, enchilada casserole, sloppy Joes and Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

Bocca's original Chicken patties can't be beat.  We didn't like the spicy version.  We use the original patties in fried chicken sandwiches, with soy bacon in club sandwiches, and baked in sauce for chicken parmigiana.  Another chicken option (not pictured) that we liked a lot is manufactured by Quorm using mycoprotien.

Whether you have a hankering for sausage with your pancakes or biscuits with sausage gravy, there are soy substitutes galore!

Or friend and mentor, Vegan Wolf makes an incredible pasta salad using Tofurkey brand Sweet Italian Sausage.  We preferred the consistency of their sausage line to the Bocca options, below.  Tofurkey also puts out a Traditional Thanksgiving Roast and Gravy that is amazing.

Yves ground beef substitute works great in sauces but is not as dry as the crumbles and therefore doesn't work as well in cheese steak sandwiches.

Like Italian sausage in your Lasagna?  These easy links are perfectly spiced to give your sauce real Italian flavor.  How about sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and bratwurst?  Bocca's soy bratwurst fit the bill and brown up nicely in the pan.  For a real meatball taste, try Gardenburger's herb encrusted cutlets in sandwiches or Parmigiana.  Gardenburger's Riblets have the same consistency as pork ribs and come with a great barbeque sauce.

These are designed to be baked on a cookie sheet and therefore, lack the crunch of the deep fried version, but satisfy the occasional craving some of us get for corn dogs. 

Not all of the above products are Vegan.  In general, they will be labeled Vegan if they contain no animal products.  They may contain egg whites, whey, or natural flavors which aren't necessarily animal-free.