Some of Our Heroes:


Richard Heinberg

Journalist, Author and Educator of Ecological Awareness






Lyle Estill

Author, Ideas Guy, Mentor, Friend and Neighbor



James Howard Kunstler

Author, Artist, Filmmaker and Social Seer


"Conditions over the past two decades made possible the consolidation of retail trade by a handful of predatory, opportunistic corporations, of which Wal-Mart is arguably the epitome.  That this development was uniformly greeted as a public good by the vast majority of Americans, at the same time that their local economies were being destroyed - and with them, myriad social and civic benefits - is one of the greater enigmas of recent social history.  In effect, Americans threw away their communities in order to save a few dollars on hair dryers and plastic food storage tubs, never stopping to reflect on what they were destroying." (from pg 16)



Joe Bageant



Raised in Winchester, Virginia and now, living part time in Belize, Joe Bageant has one leg in the Nascar watching, gun toting working class and the other in the chardonnay-sipping, bleeding heart liberal upper class. Because of his unique situation and amazing ability to clarify ideas, Joe offers one of the most illuminating perspectives of our current social dilemma in America.  Author of Deer Hunting With Jesus and Rainbow Pie, Joe died March 26, 2011 after a four month bout with cancer.



Howard Zinn

Historian, Prolific Author, and Social Activist


"I suggest that if you know history, then you might not be so easily fooled by the government when it tells you you must go to war for this or that reason." - Howard Zinn, Born in 1922 and still going strong in his 80's




Alison Clement

Peace Proponent, Librarian and Novelist

Pretty Is As Pretty Does

"I want to congratulate librarians, not famous for their physical strength or their powerful political connections or their great wealth, who, all over this country, have staunchly resisted anti-democratic bullies who have tried to remove certain books from their shelves, and have refused to reveal to thought police the names of persons who have checked out those titles." - Kurt Vonnegut


Joe Jenkins

Author/Enviro/Humanure Pioneer

Say what you want, this shit *WORKS*!

One of the best lists of things *YOU* can do to live a little smaller on the planet is at the end of this book.



Bill McKibben

Author, Environmentalist


These are a couple of *great* reads.



Jerry Mander

Author, Deep Thinker


Turning off the television has been one of our greatest achievements/revelations! Moving to the rainforests of Belize for 14 months broke us of the habit. We can never go back to it. Reading Mander's well supported arguments only helped to strengthen our convictions. Do *yourself* a favor!



Anna Edey

Solviva Lady

This book was a celebration of an epiphany for Bob. A working house and greenhouse heated by biomass (rabbits, chickens, etc.) with indoor tomatoes and greens growing the likes of which you can't believe!  Bob headed down this path all on his own and loved being inspired by someone who has *already* been working in this direction.



Michael Pollan

Journalist, Environmentalist

A well written and well researched book. Pollan's intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness are refreshing.



Our 15 Minutes of Fame

Escape from America Magazine

January, 2006

"Abandon the Rat Race - Become a Caretaker Overseas"

Time Magazine, September, 2005

"Workplace: Paradise"by Sally Stitch

"Garbage land - on the secret trail of trash"

July, 2005

by Elizabeth Royte


Co-Op America Quarterly

Fall 2004 Issue"True Tales"s

Sorry Everybody

An Apology to the World for the Re-election of George W. Bush

foreword by Ted Rall

Our photo is on page 98 of this book which was compiled from some of the 26,000 photos people sent into this Website.

Our Current Diversions





A guilty pleasure.  Here are some ofOur Favorite LOL Cats. And here are some more of our Favorite LOLs









Got Religion?



Just for fun - videos to make you laugh



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Conan O'Brien Travels "Martha Stewart's Ranch... by BobbleheadConan2k



Yesterday's Diversions

The Caretaker Gazette

Adventure Beckons





The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

May we Live Long and Die Out 




"It is hope, not despair, that makes a revolution successful."





Nicaragua Spanish School

And have yourself a wonderful time doing it!



Camille and I are actively involved in the world of biodiesel. We made our advocacy debut at Earth Day 2001 activities on Maui.  See the Advocacy page in the Maui Green Energy site.



We traded our well-traveled gasoline powered Pontiac Sunfire for a 2001 VW New Beetle TDI (diesel) and drove it 40,000 miles on 100% Biodiesel made on Maui from used cooking oil. It cost less to operate per mile than the Pontiac and was our personal demonstration of "Advocacy in Action."  NO engine modifications are required to run on biodiesel.




We both learned a lot about the Recycling Industry *and* just how politically charged the world of recycling is while working for

 Maui Recycling Service

And while volunteering for

Maui Recycling Group

Be sure and check out our letter writing campaign on the "What You Can Do" page

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