January, 2005 - Issue #44




We are settling into the rhythms of our new life at Casa Iguana nicely.  Although the days can be long and demanding, there are many moments to enjoy, including:



David stands beside Bob in his "Suave Chopinas."  For more pictures of our co-workers, click on Iguana Staff.



When we hear the clang of the bell and the resultant uproar of the dogs, we know we have visitors at the Casa Iguana gate, just 50 yards outside our house.  Sometimes it is travelers looking for a room, or perhaps a vendor with something to sell.  On January 13th, these three young men came to sell us some Ballyhoo to use as bait for catching bigger fish.


Our fisherman uses these fish to catch barracuda and king marlin.



On January 16, I captured a few images of the dogs at play.  One of their favorite games is "Get Stella" because she is the biggest.

Doodie goes for the head.

Stella in threat gesture while Walker goes in low.

Now it is Walker's turn to chew on Stella's head.  Meanwhile, Gizmo and Bucky work on their tug-of-war skills.


All that fooling around wore them out.  Bucky, Walker and Gizmo curl up in the sun for a little nap.



A spider and an ant.

A crab that Bob stepped on in the middle of the night.

A coconut-headed lizard that Grant started and Lily finished.

The cow skull that hangs outside the internet cafe.

The skin of a King Marlin (or kingfish or bluefish.)


A large black Iguana that ran across the path and climbed up a tree in the plantation.



You've heard of Email and Snail mail, but have you ever seen Pony Mail?  Paola rides from Farm Peace and Love on the north end of the island to Casa Iguana with her laptop computer in her backpack.  After she ties her horse to a coconut palm, she uses our  satellite connection to download her emails. 

 Her stallion, Gibley is named after a warm wind from Africa that blows red dust into Italy.



You never know what you are going to see over on the front side of the island.  On January 28 KikiWitch rides his horse "Pony" to the Dive Shop in response to questions involving a robbery the night before.


THE 38

The highlight of our week is the arrival of freight on this boat.  It anchors on the front side and distributes freight to most of the businesses on the island.  For more photos of this experience, click on The Barco.



Jorge's son waits on the beach for the dive boat to return.

Jorge is happy and capable, just like his father.

After awhile, the boat comes in.

Full of happy divers and snorkelers.



On January 27th, Bob took the panga to Big Corn Island.  For more photos, click on A Trip to Big Corn.


IN OTHER NEWS: We wrote an article for the Caretaker's Gazette which was published this month.  To read it, click on Caretaker Article.


THIS MONTH'S QUOTE:  "Since a hundred million dollars in New York and twenty-two fish-hooks on the border of the Arctic Circle represent the same financial supremacy, a man in straitened circumstances is a fool to stay in New York when he can buy ten cents' worth of fish-hooks and emigrate." Mark Twain


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