Oahu Page One

From our first two weeks on Hawaii and back to our last weeks on Guam,

here are some of the latest photos:

August 22, 1999 - Our first hike on Oahu was up the Maunawili Falls Trail to the Koolaupoko Trail

on the windward Koolau Range behind Kaneohe.

Camille on the way up.

Here's Bob checking out the local scenery and wondering, "Where's my machete?"

Beautiful ground orchids with the Koolau Range as a backdrop.


The trail crosses the Maunawili Stream several times.

A heliconia that was seen hanging around the trail.

A strangler fig having its way with its host.

Another ground orchid species seen along the trail.

August 14, 1999 (Oahu, Hawaii) - The Waimanalo Rodeo at the New Town and Country Stables.

This is an exhibition event they call "Cowboy Poker" in which a group of poker players are knocked out

of the game, one by one, by a bull. The last player sitting wins the pot.


August 10, 1999 - Bob and Camille's first horseback ride on Oahu atop Nick and Nanamai at the Correa Trails Hawaii.


Waimanalo Bay - You can see the "Turtle" on the horizon to the right and its head of cabbage on the far right.

Legend has it that the turtle and the shark were turned into islands and

positioned on different sides of Oahu to prevent them from fighting over territory.

To keep the turtle from going hungry, it was provided with a head of cabbage.


Waimanalo Beach - The longest stretch of unbroken beach on Oahu. This is the beach across the street from the Bed and Breakfast where we stayed for our first week on island. We have taken many walks down this beach and frequently swim here as it isn't too far from our home.


August, 1999 - Camille in front of our new home at 47-492 Poohala Place.

The mountain behind our neighborhood. It is part of the Koolau range.


Our new living room furniture.


Camille at the dining room table with the kitchen in the background. We have a nice, airy set-up in our 3-bedroom house.

The house was trucked in from downtown years ago and was probably built in the 1950's.

It comes complete with natural air conditioning.


Our email-writing view in Kaneohe.


June, 1999 - The Botanical Gardens on the windward side of Oahu at Ho'omaluhia Park.

This is where we whiled away the hours between check-out at the Hyatt and our flight to the States.


June, 1999 - Bob and Camille atop Diamond Head with Honolulu in the background.


June, 1999 (Oahu) - Bob, dashing world traveler and jungle guide.


The beach from Kualoa Regional Park - across the street from the world famous Kualoa Ranch.


July, 1999 (Guam) - The five of us turn 105, freezing our smiles for the timer.


June, 1999 (Guam) - The fabulous Emily at age 11.


Sweet Amy, age 9, suppressing a giggle.

The very fetching Miss Molly, signaling to space aliens, at age 6.


Famous hair designers with their latest creation - Guam, 1999


Emily, Amy and Molly at the beach on Guam - June, 1999


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