Adventures in CHINA

How We Got There


We moved to Tianjin, China from Belize in August of 1998. What a Change!!! We left a COUNTRY of 250,000 people to a CITY of over 10 MILLION!!!

We left clear air, pure water, and abundant wildlife in exchange for incredible air pollution, smelly water, and NO wildlife.

Here's a shot of Camille and me just after arrival.

We went to China at the request of my friend/mentor/co-worker Dennis, who at the time was trying desperately to get a monolithic, cro-magnon, manufacturer of cellular phone switches to understand the necessity of having a plant in Asia.

Dennis knew that the Asian market was lucrative and also knew that the best man he knew to get the factory running profitably was me, whom he had shared success with in a prior manufacturing life.

Here's what Tianjin looks like on a really clear day!!


 I knew that my wife, Camille, would gladly co-conspire with me on any sort of planetary adventure and that between the two of us, we could help the local staff at the small factory in Tianjin get on the right track quickly.

Within six months, with the help of the entire team in Tianjin (and a great sales guy in Hong Kong!!), the factory was starting to make a profit and Camille and I knew it was time to find a breath of fresh air. We high-tailed it out of China in January of 1999 and made it as far as Guam. We just couldn't bring ourselves to get any closer to the US than that.

Enough about the work we did in China, let's talk about the people and the FOOD!!!!


Check the current weather in TIANJIN!

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