Bill and Alice

 Bill and Alice are Bob’s parents. In 1969, when Bob was nine years old, his father’s work in the aluminum industry took the family to Ghana so he could run the Volta Aluminum Company or Valco. They stayed in Ghana through the mid-70’s. Most of these photos are from that period of time.



Valco party, 1972 Alice in the gold print dress in the photo on the left and Bill in the suit and tie in the picture on the right.



Alice, a blow up of the above photo and at another Valco function in 1975


Bill and Alice at home in Accra


Outside the home in Accra



Bob, his brother Jim and a friend, preparing to go on a journey involving maame lorries, buses and ferries – 1975



Maame lorries and their colorful saying had all but disappeared by the time Bob and Camille went to live in Ghana in 2012.



Bob and Jim, the bus and the bus on the ferry


Elmina Castle 1975



Bill’s sister Mari and her dear dog.
Mari’s son Scott on the right with his wife Wheng on a visit to Tom and Patty. Patty is one of Bill’s brother Dick’s daughters.


Patty, Tom, Scott and Dick’s wife Lois (on the right)


Distant cousins, Ticky and Babe with Bob on the farm in Keezletown – 2013 before Ticky passed away. These folks are related to Bill’s clan via a common ancestor about 5 generations back.