Bob’s 50th Birthday



It’s hard to believe you’ve been roaming this planet for 50 years

1961XmasBobFS  1962BobDinoBookFS


You have to admit, you are a very good looking man

PastBob  BobArmantrout200608


Not only that, but you really have a way with horses

1995SpringRideBobJesse  2001MayBobPele



Not to mention that you are a kind and generous father

1987BobEmilyFS  1994AmyMollyEmilyWeddingDresses




And a masterful jungle guide



Yes Bob, you are a force to be reckoned with



Besides, you are the only person I know who has been bitten by a barracuda on a bicycle



Oh Boy, the list goes on and on!


You are a gifted gardener

0514GardenBob  Xmas_Lettuce


Somewhat of a Biodiesel Celebrity

WillieBobBiodiesel MFFBobWoody


A Great Cook

Greek_Pizza  CookieBob



Hard Worker

Greenhouse_Bob Expansion


Most importantly, you always take time to play

0514BobJuggles 20080427SkateboardBob


And you have a wonderful sense of humor

BobSquash Birthday_Dinner

Yes, You Are Fabulous! But Don’t Take My Word for it! – Here’s What Your Friends Have to Say About You:

I love Bob because he and Camille just swooped down on Chatham County and it feels like they take care of us now. I always have a lot on my shoulders and the weight is getting lighter. Thanks for joining us on this journey, picking up an oar and for being such a wonderful part of the community. We are truly blessed. And Happy 50th…let’s celebrate!!!


What I like about Bob is his wide ranging appetite for ideas. He plays with ideas like other people play with kittens and for me that’s magnetic. Whether it is the spore print from a mushroom, or a debt ratio on a balance sheet, Bob likes to dig in and explore.

His self image is that of “operations guy,” but that belies his complexity. He is as curious about a bale of hay out the window as he is about a new article in the Times. And he notices things. New to these Carolinian woods he is all the time asking me to identify trees and birds and things which are new to him. And he corrects me when I miss the wing bar on the finch.

As he steps firmly into middle age, he is one of the “old men” on our project. And for me his wisdom and experience is a breath of fresh air. Rather than the sour old dude who carps at the world, he is one that everyone turns to for guidance and advice. As such he is a powerful influencer. From counter top maintenance to shared community assets, we listen to Bob.

He’s patient with us. Whether it is how to throw a frisbee, or the role of depreciation on an income statement, he just shrugs and helps out. Which inspires us to push on.

It’s funny. What I have learned from Bob is that every now and then in life you need an “operations guy.” Sometimes you need a doctor. Sometimes a lawyer is necessary. And sometimes it is best to seek wisdom from the “operations guy” down the road.

I’ve also noticed that my children make friends much faster than I do. As I enter middle age I find the number of “new friends” has steadily decreased since my own time on the school yard.

I’ve made a friend in Bob. And that hits the spot. Happy birthday, pal. One of these days I am going to topple you on the disc golf course. Until that happens–thanks for teaching me the game…


Bob is straightforward, just like this comment, and for that I am grateful. The world would benefit from another 50 years.


Bob is an inspiration because he is forever exploring, discovering, and teaching – both in life and at work. Bob is easily the best (smartest, most engaging, well rounded, etc.) person I’ve ever worked with. But that’s just the serious side! Dinners on the boat, lunches of limited return, fun with biodiesel chemistry, swimming in Clear Creek, the list goes on. You’ve been a good friend for a very long time – Happy Birthday Bob!

Rob H

I have always admired Bob’s quick mind. He was definitely the BEST boss I have ever have. Even when I was angry with him. Bob gave me confidence that I could do more than I thought I could. I would say that anyone who knows Bob is enriched by the experience.

Not only is Bob very smart he is a lot of fun.

I am glad to be able to count Bob and Camille in my list of friends. It makes me happy to see Bob and Camille together and happy.


I like Bob’s appetite for adventure and how he can seemingly make any place his home. I admire that he wants to see the world and gives up tangible items most of us take for granted in order to be more mobile. I love his dedication to the environment and his laid back attitude. He’s fun and easy to get along with. Last but not least, I strive to have the kind of relationship him and Camille share.

Happy birthday, Bob! Hope to see you again on some little island somewhere!


bob is a man i trust. he has a contagious passion for life, is an inspirational connoisseur of fermented foods, has mastery over graphical analysis of coop financials, maintains an impressive presence in the community college biofuels program, brilliantly founded industrial’s monday morning staff meetings, has a truly beautiful ability to live in the present moment, and posseses the type of curiosity that i know will keep him vitalized for at least another 50 years!


Hmmm…. what can i say about Bob! I liked him so much i named my dog after him. One of the things I like about bob is his self depricating humor. He’s always downplaying his intelligence so the rest of us won’t feel as dumb as we are. He’s usually the smartest man in the room. But Bob’s not perfect… first, his wardrobe I’ve seen that same blue Hawaiian shirt about fifty times — please somebody send him a new one as a present. Also, has anyone noticed that in almost all the pictures of him he tends to look out to the side. Never a straight on picture, reminds me of the way the pschaphrenics would look at you when i was in, er working for the mental health center. Also, what’s with all the hair on the chest? Did it like transfer from his head?

No, but seriously, never really liked the guy — now his wife — she’s a babe.

Low Rent

It is a grand time that we are all so fortunate to share with you Bob. I am truly blessed to call you my friend. Thanks for the countless learning sessions over the phone as we do battle against the forces of evil while we try to save the earth. I miss you. Good luck in the second half of your life.


Chatham County’s good fortune got greater when you landed among us. Thanks for bringing your creativity, humanity, ingenuity, practicality, wisdom, determination and beauty to us. May the world redound the accumulation of your attributes.

And let’s grow some mushrooms, too!

Welcome to 50, young feller…health, wealth and happiness to you both.

Tim Keim

Dearest Sixth Son, Bob

Happy 50th Birthday!

Thanks you for making us happy with your generous, tender love for our daughter, your brotherly love for each and every one of our sons and their loved ones, but most of all, the blessed times you brought Camille and yourself to give the joy of your love to our hearts – even though it cost you time and money you didn’t have.

We love you dear son and ask God to bless you with fifty more years as beautiful as your first fifty years have been.

Our forever love,

Dad and Mom

Bob, so wonderful to have your momentum and energy in Chatham County. You have provided us with so much wisdom, hard work, and enthusiasm that it is contagious. My composting toilet system will never be as good (or as simple) as yours, but I’m gonna try!

Happy Birthday!



Bob and Ned – 1977

“Other than the glasses, I don’t see all that much has changed between us.”
Best Wishes for a fantastic finish, look forward to the next 50 with you Robert!

Those same two guys – 1984 and 1996

1984BobNed  1996BobNed

I never know what to write on these things, but I guess I want to say “Happy 50th Birthday, Bob! You’re tons of fun to have as a brother-in-law, and you’re a credit to your species!”

I hope you guys have a great week, and a great 50th birthday!



Hey Bob, Happy 50th!! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I miss spending time with you and Camille, whether it’s fun with spreadsheets or kicking back with pupus and beer….You know, Maui’s just not the same without you…but great to know that you’re having fun in NC.

Shaun (spoiled paradise boy)

Bob, you are my intelligent, good-looking, friendly, stick -to- his-convictions, hard working, brave (well, he did marry into the Illo family after all) brother-in-law,

And for anyone who recycles as much as you do, a fitting quote: ‘”Waste” not, Want not’.!

May that be true of your life…Happy Birthday, love, and blessings from John and Darla

Dear Bob,

Happy Birthday! Jason and I feel so fortunate to know you! You are cute, funny and full of inspiration! Now that we live closer we are looking forward to doing more things with you! It’s nice to also have a fellow third culture kid to lean on:)

Much love,


Happy Birthday Bob!

Although we haven’t known ya’ll for all that long, our friendship seemed to one that was waiting to happen and it blossomed from the get-go. We cherish the moments both brief and extended that we to get spend with you. I can only hope that I’m as young as you when I’m as old as you!


Dear Bob, I feel so grateful to have you and Camille in our lives, even though you are far far away now we know that you are only a phone call away. There is never a dull moment with Bob around, he can always find some topic to discuss and has some very interesting facts about whatever we are discussing. We miss you very much and wish we could be there to help you celebrate but please know that we are with you in spirit.

Love Sharyl

CAN YOU ADD THIS FOTO OF THE ”SUPER BOB BLT” that you both taught us how to make when we visited you at the mountain horse lodge in belize !!!! i’ll never forget our last brunch with you there,,, it was a sandwich recipe which i have never forgotten,,, and still my favorite,,, (we made one today in honor of the golden boys birthday !!!)


and the next time we saw you,,, turkey day 2007,, you were ”VEGAN ” and we were dining on TOFU TURKEY instead of the ones that fly thru the air,,,

but the food and fellowship was so DARN GOOD,,,,, at least you both still love our favorite inebriations !!!! and other vices !!! hahaha

may your better half have the day of his life,,,, which won’t be hard since he’s married to our favorite cousin wife !!!

never forget that we are always family and close as can be !!!!!

love and welcomes and accolades at all times,,,,

your world traveling cousins !!!! Fergy and Rowena !!!!






Wow….really….fifty? You sure don’t act fifty. HAHA (that was in a good way) Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Boy do I wish we all could hang out and celebrate this day with MOJITO’s!!! HAHA

You are an amazing person in many ways (and so is Camille)!! Your energy, thoughts, moods, ideas, actions, behavior, intelligence, mysteriousness, adventurers’ ways, inventions, methods to madness……….. is just too cool. You are definitely one we can’t forget about, not would we want to forget about. I know your travels will bring more friends and they too will see what I am talking about.

Misty Moo


A truer friend can not be found. Ever since I met you in 1974, and covering so many years, I have so many wonderful moments that I have shared with you. From Alice in Wonderland in Mushroom Meadows, burning Lazy Boy’s in Ghana, and having lunch with you and Camille in the high country in Maui. Friends like you don’t come by very often.

I wish you a very Happy 50th Birthday, and I will raise a glass on the 25th to celebrate with you from a distance.



Dear Bob,

I love you because you love my sister, and I love you because you are lovable. You have brought an consistent joyful serenity to my sister’s heart. You have given that to my family and me as well. When my old bud Fr. Matthew and I visited you both in Hawaii, we felt like we were riding the crest of a wave for 8 days: always something beautiful and exciting coming at us, bearing us forward on its magnetism. When Jamie and I visited you a few years later, the wave was still cresting and surging towards the beach. You have a way of bringing my sister right up the threshold of her potential, without pushing her over the edge. We have quite different avocations and perspectives, but I’m sure we esteem each other’s worldviews. I certainly value your clear thinking and readiness to engage the moment without much of the provincialism that marks American “liberals.” Not infrequently I boast of my brother-in-law who makes biodiesel, lives in an agrarian commune eats only foods grown within a hundred miles of his door. Fifty years (ten for me) is too little a time to know you, and I look forward to many more years, here and hereafter.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Joseph Illo


Yo B-day Bro!

Bob, I want you to know that I appreciate you every day, not just on your birthday! You are an inspiration with your work ethic, diligence, ideas and manifestations. You are a huge asset to our community here and there’s is much to learn and be accomplished with you here. 1 week till secondary fermentation begins right?


David T

Yep, You don’t Turn Fifty Every Day, So Let’s Celebrate!

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Love, Your Partner in Crime,


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