Aunts, Uncles and Cousins



Joe, Mom, Uncle Bob and James outside Uncle Bob and Aunt Jeanette’s home in Courtland probably early ’80’s. Aunt Jeanette, Janice’s older sister.


Uncle Bob, a.k.a Giff fooling around with a hat. He was a warm, intelligent man who lived to help others and make them laugh. He died in 1988.



Jeanette and Giff had two children, Brian and Barbara. Barbara outside Camille’s family home in West Long Branch sometime between 1963 and 1969. Brian, clowning around in the hat with his father in the 1970’s.



Giff with Barbara and Jeanette with Darla in their home at a family gathering to honor Doris’s life after her death in February, 1985



Brian with Darla and Barbara at Grandma Doris’ wake



Cousin Barbara, her son Dylan and Camille 1985




A somber gathering made joyful with the help of a great family and gifted pastor. Please visit the page: Aunt Jeanette’s Memorial



Joseph, Janice and James with The Whitakers – Cousins on Janice’s side of the family



1959FebKathleenFrankWedding  1963DecKathleenFrankIllo

Kathleen and Frank on their wedding day in February, 1959 and enjoying themselves with a friend in December of 1963.


1935KathleenAge9Rowing  1920-30sKathyBeach

Kathleen as a young lady who always loved the water. Sitting pretty in the middle on the left, coming towards the camera in white on the right. Thanks, Frank!


UncleFranksBirthplace257 W 122nd St  Kathleen

Cousin Frank in front of the place where his father Frank was born. Kathleen on their patio in NJ.



Uncle Frank (John senior’s brother) and baby Camille 1954. Robert and cousin Frank circa 1962.



Uncle Frank with Robert Darla, Camille, James and John in 1987. He always wore khaki. Frank senior’s sons, cousins Frank and Mark with Camille – 1985



Cousins in Atlantic Highlands – 1985


AuntKathyShawnHouston  1969WLBJoesFirstCommunion

Cousin Frank’s wife Shawn, their daughter Houston and Aunt Kathy, Frank senior’s wife
Joseph’s First Communion – James, Michael, Kathy, John, Joseph, Frank, Robert and Mark



Camille and Houston and Camille and Aunt Kathy



John senior’s cousin Tommy in Vermont- 1985



Cousin Tom, Camille and Tom’s daughter Meridith- 1985



Tom’s son Neal and daughter Meridith



Kathleen and Frank senior’s family – Houston, Shawn, Frank, Kathy and Mark
Kathleen and Frank’s family enjoying a meal in Mole



Kathleen’s 83rd birthday party – 2009



Dinner on the deck with Kathleen, Frank’s family and Bob and Camille



Visiting Mark’s house which formerly belonged to Helen, with Mark, Camille and James – 2009. Bob took the picture.


20090523MarkCamJimSandyHook  AuntKathyJimBeach

Sandy Hook with Mark, Camille and James. Aunt Kathleen, who we always referred to as Aunt Kathy and James at the beach. One of the things Camille’s remembers most about her Aunt Kathy is that she routinely packed up all the kids and took them to the beach. She loved the ocean and so did we. Those were good times. Aunt Kathy was born on May 19th, 1926 and passed away August 7, 2013.


 1930sHelenLittleHelenJohnSea Bright 

Nana Helen, second from the right with her son John and “Little Helen” who if we had to guess is second from the left at the beach in Sea Bright, NJ late 1920’s early 1930’s based on young John’s size who was born in April of 1926. Little Helen married into the Verges family and here is that family



The Verges Family from John senior’s side of the family