Frank and Helen

Frank and Helen are Camille’s grandparents on her father’s side. Their home was the focal point of Camille’s childhood. For many reasons, there was a special bond between Helen and Camille and they spent a lot of time together.



New York City – both Helen and Frank worked in the theater, Helen on the chorus line and Frank as stage manager.
Helen is 17 years old and pregnant with their son Frank in the second picture. Frank senior is on the left. Circa 1920’s



Illo Equip Shop Grandpas scene shop 47th btwn 6th & Broadway  Illo Eqiup Co

In addition to running all eleven Shubert Theaters, Frank invented a multi-color stage light system and ran a scene shop, Illo Equipment Company, located on on 47th between 6th and Broadway.



Sea Bright. Frank and Helen bought a house in New Jersey where they raised their sons Frank and John.



Helen loved her home and her dogs. They hosted Sunday dinner for immediate family and beyond nearly every weekend. Helen is holding a schnauzer named Susi, the second or third Susi in a legacy of dogs named Susi.



The Home Place. This house was home to all of us. Brother Joseph took this photo of the house in the snow in 2010.



Camille and brother John spent many a weekend in this house.



Helen was affectionately known to all as Nana. She was a nearly five foot tall firecracker of a woman with firm opinions on everything and a heart as big as all outdoors.


Three generations. This was taken in John and Janice’s house in Pennsylvania. Helen, Janice, Camille and Doris posed for this picture with corn chips. It seemed like a good idea at the time and the photo survived.



Two more photos of Helen from this great day.


Robert, Helen and Camille in Helen’s home, perhaps the basement where we were all clowning around on one memorable visit.



Another, later visit. As you can see Helen is becoming frail. It wasn’t long before she had to leave her home of 50 some years for a nursing home. Robert, Helen, Michael, Camille and Mark.


1985 – Camille visited Helen in the nursing home and took her for a drive to Asbury Park.


20 years after Helen’s death, in 1989 Camille and Bob visited her house. Here’s a link to that essay.