James is the last of Frank and Helen’s eight grandchildren, the youngest of John and Janice’s six children.


James was inconceivably cute as a baby!


James at Darla’s parent’s house with John, Darla and Robert.



All five sons in Darla’s family’s home from youngest to oldest – James, Mike, Joe, Robert and John.


1980JamesAphia  1970JamesLaugingRedJacket

With niece Aphia and laughing about something in a hotel room with Nana Helen (see mirror).



Jim loves to bike and hike with his older brother Joseph.



 Sailing with brother Robert in 1980-something and funning it up with his big sister in 2002. Have we mentioned that James has a great sense of humor? The second picture was taken while visiting Bob and Camille at their home on Maui. Troutsfarm January 2002 Photo Album



James and mother Janice met the great Pope Paul II on a memorable visit to Rome in 2002 with brother Joseph.



At Sandy Hook with Bob and Camille and with his beautiful wife Kathryn.



A happy family = James, Christina and Kathryn. Kathryn made James a father by bringing her daughter Christina into his life.
James celebrates his 42nd birthday with some after-dinner sorbet.