Forest Ranger, Journalist and Priest


  the fourth of six children

Born June 29, 1961 in the Bronx, Joseph was baptized in the Star of the Sea Church on City Island.  Years later he would come to be the pastor of San Francisco’s Star of the Sea Church on the other side of the country. His nickname was Jody after one of Frank senior’s brothers.



The sweater picture was taken in New Jersey. John senior was an accomplished photographer who often indulged himself with portraits of his beautiful wife and children.



Joseph bathing in the sink on City Island.  And in a school portrait from St. Jerome’s. All the children went to catholic school.


A proud first communion day for Joe with James, Mike, Aunt Kathy to his left and cousin Frank, brother Bob and cousin Mark on the right. The church was always a very important part of Joseph’s life.



Another school portrait taken in NJ or PA. The door to Joe’s room in the farmhouse outside of Shippensburg. At that time, Joe dreamed of becoming a forest ranger.



Joseph and his brothers, lined up by age – James, Michael, Joseph, Robert and John. 1989



Joseph and James lived in San Francisco and worked at St. Ignatius Press in the 1980’s. While there he was inspired by the father who founded the press and soon realized he was being called to the priesthood. Playful uncle Joe at a park in Pennsylvania with niece Charity and nephew Brandon.



Seminarian days – Joseph began studying in New York and in the UK, among other places. He and his friend from Seminary school traveled west to Colorado to visit sister Camille and ride some of her horses.



Joseph was ordained a Catholic priest on June 29, 1991. Camille, Dara, Joseph, Janice, Debra, Robert and Jason.



Joe, Janice and James spent Christmas with Camile in Colorado in 1991. Not sure what airport Camille and Joseph are reuniting in or what year but they sure look happy to see each other.



Shortly after being ordained, Joseph relocated to California. Janice, Camille, Robert and James went to celebrate the start of his new life as a parish priest. While in San Francisco, he had fallen in love with Yosemite State Park and so chose a parish close to the park. He makes good use of his time off to enjoy the park, so satisfying his deep love of nature and writes beautiful sermons and a blog which feed his inner journalist.



In Rome with Pope Paul II



Joseph spent time working alongside Mother Teresa and her sisters of Mercy. Proud parents John and Janice at a church function back in Pennsylvania.



Father Joseph at brother James’ wedding December 30, 2013




With Camille at a family reunion in a Shippensburg park in 1992 and at Aphia’s apartment in Ghettysburg in 2008.



Joseph and his buddies enjoy scuba diving, hiking, camping and skiing.



Many many masses later, Joseph’s hair has turned white.



Joseph and James are devoted sons who make a point of celebrating their mother’s birthdays with dinner out and often trips across the country.