John and Darla

John and Darla, first to get married


 1970sJohnDarla 1970sJohnDarlaRobert

John and Darla met in High School and have been together ever since. Therefore, Darla has long been a part of the family. Darla’s parents and grandparents lived close by and therefore are also very much a part of our family history. Here they are at Darla’s parents house with brother Robert.


1978CamilleDarlaAphia  1978DarlaAphia

Darla brought our first niece into the world, Janice and John’s first grandchild, Aphia in 1978.


1980Aphia  1980sAphia



1982DarlaCharity  1980sCharityAphia

Charity came next in 1980 and then Brandon three years later.


1980sCharityDarla  1980sJaniceDarla

Charity and Darla at the farmhouse and with grandma Janice.


1982AphiaHelen  1982CharityVelvetDress

Aphia with great grandmother Helen and Charity in their green velvet dresses. Circa 1982


1985Brandon  1980sBrandonDarlaAphiaCharity

Brandon has always been a happy fellow.


1985DarlaJohnBrandon  1985BrandonCharityAphia

1985 – Rochester


  1985DarlaJohn  1985JohnNewYork

Rochester, 1985



John with two of Charity and Brandon’s children Alanna and Lydia – 2012


  2012Mitten Reunion

2012 Family Reunion with Darla’s family. Darla’s mother and father are in the third row back, Dolora in a blue dress with white polka dots and Sonny in a white shirt behind her. Darla sitting on the curb on the left. John in the back row slightly right of center in a blue shirt.



The family all grown up. Charity, Brandon, Darla, John and Aphia – February, 2013