John and Janice

John and Janice, a storied pair – parents of Camille, John, Robert, Joseph, Michael and James


Married July 26, 1953 after meeting in New York City as photographed by Nanas nephew Stevie Wallace, a professional photographer who had a reputation for being a gag-a-minute kind of guy.



Bergenfield and City Island with John Jr and Camille



Shippensburg with sons Robert, James and Joseph



Janice at the farm and with first granddaughters Charity and Aphia – Early 1980’s



Janice in Colorado visiting Camille – mid 80’s



Janice at her sister Jeanette’s house for their mother Doris’s funeral in 1985.
John and Janice relaxing at their farm house in Pennsylvania in 2001.



Rome with Joseph and James – December, 2002



A very memorable meeting with the great Pope Paul II – December, 2002


This picture of Janice with the bishop, taken from “Catholic Witness” personifies her joyful spirit and deep dedication to the church.



On January 5, 2007 Janice and John senior were driving into town to meet John and Darla for dinner and were broadsided by a pick up truck. The last thing Janice recalls was stopping at the stop sign before easing out into the fog. The results were devastating to Janice. John senior emerged from the car without serious damage.



James was brave enough to visit his parents’ car in the junkyard and took these pictures. Janice was basically crushed between the door and the center console. Her pelvis was shattered and she suffered a broken neck, femur, spleen and ribs. When she arrived at the hospital her blood pressure was 50/0 and the family was asked to decide to what extent measures would be taken to save her life.
James urged the doctors to do everything they could. As they mulled over the options, Janice was in unfathomable pain. Due to her inability to take conventional pain killers, she had not been given anything to alleviate her suffering. Amazingly, she was still able to respond to those around her. Thus began five months of suffering and rehabilitation. This story is testament to her incredible strength and devoted family.



Janice spent months in a nursing home after a period of time in the hospital. She was outfitted with a metal ‘halo’ to keep her spine still while her broken neck mended. This torurous contraption was actually screwed into her skull.



True to form, Janice made the best of the situation, enjoying the company of family who often came to visit and somehow managing to choke down a liquid diet. On memorable meal included liquified cole slaw, a nasty concoction, indeed. It took quite a while before she was again able to chew and swallow.



Gradual graduation from Halo, to neck brace to that incredible day when she was able to go home.



John and Janice triumphantly left the nursing home behind and Janice was able to join John in their own home at the farm by Mother’s Day May 13, 2007.



Sadly, Janice’s stay at home was brief. Despite her determination it soon became clear that she needed a one-story floor plan to accommodate permanent damage to the leg she had broken. So she moved to town, first into assisted living and then into HUD housing for the disabled. The beauty of this arrangement was two-fold. She was now in a centralized location within walking distance of her parish church and making it much easier for family to reach her. Here she holds her new great grandson Josiah while his big sister Lydia looks on fondly.



When Camille and Bob make their annual family visit, they stay at John and Darla’s house and a big family meal is always part of the agenda. Here they sit with Janice and John and Darla’s parents Dolora and Sonny.
John and Janice celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their five sons and extended family in 2003.


August, 2008 At Robert and Debra’s home in Pennsylvania.
Front row: Janice, Jeanette, Bethany, Lydia, Jacob and Josiah. Behind them Mica, Ben and Alanna. Second Row: Debra, Theresa, Kathryn, Maggie, Darla and Charity. Third Row: John senior, Robert, James, Brandon, Joanna, Brian and John.


February 9, 2013 Winter Blues Potluck Janice front and center. Also Darla, John, Debra, Robert, Jason, Charity, Josiah, Alanna, Levi and Lydia, Taylor Aphia, James, Christina and Lou. A beautiful family, indeed.