Artist, musician, father, uncle and champion of the underdog



Michael was born November 27, 1963 in New Jersey, five days after the assassination of President Kennedy. Mom reports he was a happy baby who was so mesmerized by the activities of his older siblings that he did not cry. When he was seven, the family moved to Pennsylvania.
These pictures were taken in the 70’s at “The Farm” and highlight Michael’s talents. He staged and took the photo of him having a bike wreck and learned to play the flute among other instruments. He, Joseph and James created pretend radio shows using a cassette tape recorder.



1980’s – At a family picnic and at the Thanksgiving dinner table with niece Charity and grandmother Helen.



With nieces Charity and Aphia at the farm circa 1982



1980’s – a trip to Helen’s home in New Jersey where brothers and sister got together to clown around in the basement among other things.



1982 in Colorado, Michael went out west to live with his sister, Camille.



Michael’s daughter Nicole was born in 1985. She later gave him two beautiful grandchildren. Father’s Day, 2013



Camille stopped at the farm for a visit in 1985. Mike and Joe enjoy some snow time in the 90’s.



Colorado – Michael settled down in Colorado in the mid-1990s. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t let lack of a campfire stand between him and a roasted marshmallow – 2002
He and Camille got together for a long walk in Golden, Colorado in 2007.



Golden, Colorado home of Coors beer.



A couple of water colors Mike painted in 2013.