Our Wedding

July 31, 1994 – the day Bob and Camille joined forces



There we were, just noodling around with our two horses on a two-acre rented property outside of town and Bob made Camille a proposal she wouldn’t in a million years have considered refusing. Romantics that we are, we asked the CEO of Data Entry Products to read Plato’s Symposium during the wedding ceremony.



Bob has a few per-ceremony moments with his three daughters Emily, Amy and Molly prior to the ceremony. We had dresses made for the girls to match Camille’s wedding dress because in our minds, we were all getting married on this glorious day.



The wedding took place on the front porch of that rented rural property. We dressed up the house with a big crepe bow and invited our dear friends, Shirley and Mahlon to join us for the beginning of our big adventure. Pastor Don, of Derby Hill Baptist Church officiated. We know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t know they were baptists!” and we aren’t, actually but we shied away from hiring a civil servent because it felt a bit too sterile.
To prepare for matrimony, we met several times with pastor Don who lent us a book and asked us both to read it. In a nutshell, the book suggested that women and men are not generally looking for the same things out of a marriage and it is best to understand these differences going in. According to the book, men are looking for woman who will provide companionship, keep themselves looking attractive, create a comfortable haven of a home and enthusiastically promote the physical side of their relationship. Women are looking for an affectionate man, someone they can trust, who provides solid support and is a good father to their children. While all of this may sound somewhat old school and sexist, it actually isn’t far off the mark.



The Wedding Party. Camille holds a bouquet featuring three Gerbera daisies, symbolizing sunny abundance.



Weddings are romantic! Tony looks on curiously as his parents Tim and Margie seal their love with a kiss. We were all good friends and their three children were roughly the same ages as our girls.



Bob and Robin, Tim and Margie’s youngest share a moment. As do our friends Eric and Tim.



Rob showed his playful side by wearing some deely bobbers he found in the laundry basket of party favors we put out for the kids.



The basket of toys was a bit hit. As were our delicious wedding cakes. We thoroughly enjoyed picking out three tasty cake combinations and ordering those toys from a catalog.



Camille’s mother, Janice chit chats with Shirley. We were very pleased that her brothers James and Robert and his wife Debra also flew in for the wedding. James stayed behind and fed the horses and the fish while we honeymooned in Cozumel.



This is a little embarrassing, but when we looked at the hair bow design in the bride magazine, we didn’t take into consideration the size of Camille’s head. We should have reduced the dimensions called for in the pattern to match her pea head. Nevertheless, she still managed to act the bride coquette, despite wearing what at times appeared to be white moose antlers.


And so we were off – galloping towards far flung fortunes with the help of Bob’s uncanny ability to predict the future. To symbolize this, we posed for this photo in the barn with Camille holding Bob’s crystal ball. Perhaps unsurprisingly we even went so far as to write a mission statement to help guide us along our way.

“Team together to avoid negative influences and create a life of challenge and fulfillment by following our hearts”