Reunion 2016

Each year we get as many family members as possible into the community room at the apartment building where mother Janice lives in Shippensburg. For the first time in thirty years, we got all six siblings together. John senior turned 90 in 2016, so this may well be the last complete family portrait.


Oldest to youngest from left to right with Dad and Mom in the middle. Camille, John, Bob, Joe, Michael and James.Brandon gets the photo credit, using John’s equipment and expertise. Here are more of Brandon’s photos from this gathering.


20160514BrandonPenny1  20160514Joanna

Our photographer and nephew, Brandon with brother Jim’s granddaughter Penny. Brandon’t lovely wife, Joanna.


20160514MomCamille  20160514Brothers

Mom, dear and Camille. Bob and Bob sharing conversation at the table with Michael and Bob’s son, Taylor chatting behind them. Camille and brother Joe are talking with Mom.


  20160514DadMike  20160514DadMichael

John P and Michael delve into the mysteries of life.


20160514Food  20160514DadTable


20160514BobbyBrian  20160514MikeTaylor

Brother Bob and cousin Brian, brother Michael and nephew Taylor.


20160514JimPenny  20160514ChristinaLou

Grandpa/brother Jim with Penny and Penny’s parents, Christina and Lou.


20160514BethanyLydia  20160514Grandkids8withIceCreamCones

Cousins Bethany and Lydia. Craft table for the (grand) kids. Brandon’s daughter, Bethany runs with a pack of three boys. Lydia, Charity’s daughter has a sister and four brothers. Darla brought three gallons of ice cream and cones to pack it in. Yum!


20160514LouJohnAlex  20160514LeviJoeJacob

Lou and John keep an eye on Lou’s son, Mikey. Jacob explores a toy from the game closet, while Levi engages his uncle Joe.


20160514RoundRobin3  20160514RoundRobin

The best part of every family gathering is the Round Robin Joe instituted a few years ago, in which we take turns speaking from the heart.


20160514RoundRobin2  20160514RoundRobin1

Charity, Lou and Penny, Christina and Mikey, Jim, Maggie and Brian, Camille and Joanna on one side, Dad, Michael, Bob, Joe, Deb, Taylor’s girlfriend Jenny, Bob and Darla. Mom has left the head of the table for a moment and Alana sits at the foot.


20160514RoundRobin4  20160514RoundRobinMaggie

Baring your soul before family is sometimes difficult and always illuminating.



20160514ReunionJohn  20160514ReunionDarlaJoanna

John, Darla and Joanna.


20160514ReunionDebBob  20160514ReunionKidsJoeBrandon

Deb and Bob. Joe and Brandon with some of the kids.


20160514ReunionMikeMom  20160514ReunionDadMichael

Michael with Mom and Dad.


20160514ReunionLydiaJoel  20160514ReunionJoelBethany

Lydia and Bethany, taking turns holding Charity’s youngest, baby Joel.



At the table.


20160514ReunionJoannaBrandonJacobBenMicahBethany  20160514ReunionJoannaBethanyJohnBrandon

Joanna, Brandon, Jacob, Ben, Micah and Bethany. And Brandon’s dad, John.