Roderick and Doris

Roderick was born in 1986 and Doris in 1902.
They married January 6, 1924 and brought two daughters into the world, Jeanette and Janice.
Roderick died in 1945 when he was 49. Jeanette was 21 years old and Janice was 13.
Doris died on February 2, 1985 when she was 85 years old.
We have yet to locate a photograph of Roderick.


1960sDorisCamilleJohn  1970sDorisNY

Family barbecues by the lake were common in the 1960’s. Doris, a.k.a. Grandma was a hard worker. She usually wore her nurse’s aide outfit and rarely sat down. The story behind this photo is unknown but if we had to guess, it looks like Camille dropped her hotdog and Grandma has come to the rescue while Camille’s father comforts her.
Doris by Lake Cayuga in upstate New York – 1970’s



Three generations together at the farm in Pennsylvania – Camille with her mother and two grandmothers, Helen and Doris. 1970’s