John senior and Janice’s six children, Camille, John, Robert, Joseph, Michael and James otherwise known as Cookie, Johnny, Bobby, Jody, Mike and Jamie



Mom and Dad John and Janice with their first two children John and Camille in Bergenfield – 1956



Nana Helen and Mom Janice admire baby Johnny.



Camille and John in Fair Haven – 1957ish. Mom with young John on City Island – 1959ish. For a few years there were as many females as males in the house and in fact, since our father worked and went to school, Johnny was outnumbered until Robert was born.



John, Robert and Camille at Nana Helen’s posing in front of the fireplace in their Easter finest – early 1960s.



Cousin Barbara stands outside the house we lived in for seven years, 1963 – 1970. The house was part of a development called Norwood Park which was designed and built in the late 1800’s. Click on Norwood Park, An Exclusive Summer Cottage Colony to see the history of this neighborhood in Pdf form.
We lived in a larger home which was built later than the others. This house lost its third floor to fire and so came into our family as a two story dwelling. Nevertheless, it was still quite large with plenty of room for the eight of us. The other Norwood Park houses were also large and because they were older and therefore affordable they became home to large, mostly Catholic families. Pretty much all of our neighbors went to a nearby Catholic Elementary School. Families ranged in size from four to fourteen children. Needless to say, we enjoyed a joyful childhood here, running in packs and never running out of playmates. By the time we moved from this neighborhood, there were six of us. Camille was 16 and James was 5.



In 1970, the family moved to Pennsylvania and eventually moved from town to an old farm house in the middle of Amish country. James and Mike were still fairly young in this photo of them out at “The Farm.”


All five boys in the 70’s at Darla’s. From youngest to oldest: James, Michael, Joseph, Robert and John.



John, James and Robert with Darla at Darla’s parents house in the 1970s and Camille, Robert and John a few years later at the Farm.



Robert and James at the Farm. Joe and James sharing quality time with nature at Yosemite.

1993 Shippensburg Family Reuinion – All six of us from oldest to youngest with Mom in the middle. Camille, John, Bob, Mom, Joe, Mike and James. Camille is wearing a post knee surgery brace.