One of the first things we did when we arrived on Guam is begin seeking out the local horse owners. We called four stables and went visiting. We learned of other horse people in this way, which lead to an opportunity to do some part-time horse training.

There are at least 200 horses hidden on Guam. We visited three stables and found forty horses between them. We haven't seen any wild island horses. As far as we can tell, there isn't anything left of the stock the Spaniards and the Japanese brought over many years ago. The horses we have seen are mostly of Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse breeding, with some Standardbred, Arabian and Appaloosa mixed in.

We are working with two horses. Chastity is a yearling Belgian/Appaloosa cross. Cream Baby is a 9-year-old gray mare. We have taught Chastity to lead, carry a saddle and a bit, lunge and pony. She is big for her age. She is a strawberry roan color, which is the perfect color for Guam as most of the soil is very red and stains all horses sorrel. She always looks clean! In the beginning, she nipped, kicked and crowded, but after only 8 hours of work, she had abandoned these bad habits.

Left : Here' Camille and the "Chas - ta - brat"

Cream Baby is rumored to be from Appaloosa and Arabian stock and has a sour disposition but moves nicely and likes to work. We keep an eye on her. She has a large sore on her right hind leg, which Mr. Wu., her owner, is treating with medicine. We taught her to neck rein so that she could be ridden in a mechanical hackamore. When we first began working with her, she would fidget until she got her tongue over the bit no matter how high we put it in her mouth. Other than that, she just needs some exercising to promote flexibility and build muscle.

Right: Bob on the Cream Baby - note the anti-typhoon concrete telephone pole

Mr. Wu owns Chastity and Cream baby as well as Chastity's mother, Cher, a large Belgian mare and a bay mare named Penny. He keeps the horses on a piece of property near a beautiful Buddhist temple. He built an oval track and likes to ride Cream Baby around it when he gets time away from his hardware store and construction business.

Left: Bob and Cher



Penny's daughter, Daiquiri, belongs to a lady named Roxanne, who has been sharing her with Camille. Roxanne keeps Daiquiri up at the Rock N Rail Ranch with the best bred and trained horses on the island. Daiquiri is fun, although a bit green; honest, pretty and fun to ride.

Right: Camille & Daiquiri




We've done a little bit of trail riding on Guam, some arena work and our work out at Mr. Wu's. Have horses, will enjoy - and we don't have to own them to love them.


Left: Camille, Cream Baby, and Frank Wu