Helen and Frank (on the right) Illo in 1919.  Helen was seventeen years old and pregnant with her first son, Frankie.

Frank Illo and his two sons, John and Frank.

Helen Illo and her two sons, Frank and John.




Doris Dunton lost her husband, Roderick in 1920.  I'll add a photo of him when I locate it.  They had two daughters, Jeanette and Janice.  This is a photo of Jeanette after she had her two children, Brian and Barbara and one of Janice riding her Indian when she was seventeen.


John Illo married Janice Dunton in 1953.


By 1958, Helen and Frank were Nana and Grandpa to John's first two children, Camille and John.  Frank was soon to follow with two sons.  John and Janice continued on with Bob, Joe, Mike and James.

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