Breckenridge, Colorado - January 20 through 24, 2009


The Concept

The Creator’s thoughts come to life in dreams


The Team


Team USA Loveland, Colorado: Jack Kreutzer, Steve Mercia, Randy Amys,Team Representative,Traci Shorman and Garett Dreiling.  Click on the photo for a closer look at the team.


The Block

Every competition begins with a big block of snow like this one.


Day One - January 20

"We started the competition yesterday at 11am and worked til 5pm. The sun was blazing on us all afternoon until 4:10 when it dipped down below the Ten Mile Range. We made some great progress and accomplished what we wanted to for the first day. 

Everyone is in great spirits, a little sore from the first day's work, but all in all happy with what were doing and where we are. Today we will be shading the sculpture from the sun so it doesn't disappear too much." - Randy Amys

Thanks for following along and for all the support.

Team USA Colorado - Loveland


Day Two - January 21

"We made a lot of progress under very sunny skies.  The piece spent most of the day behind our shade to keep it from melting very much.  The energy is flowing well between us and we are excited about making Creation's Dream a reality.  The clouds have rolled in today and it is time to get more definition on the proportions of our Creator."  - Randy Amys




The view of the front and the view of the rear at the end of the day.  


Day Three - January 22


"The warm weather on Thursday made carving a challenge.  We kept waiting for colder weather that never came.  The crowds were very large for a Thursday and Traci and Randy Shorman enjoyed interacting with them and explaining our message. Everyone on the team is in great spirits.  We went to bed dreaming of colder weather."  - Randy Amys


Day Three - January 23


"The conditions were still challenging with temps hanging around 32 and heavy wet snow.  We continued working to perfect the piece and it really started to come to life.  We worked til 2am and plan on coming back by 5am to finish the piece.  Everyone is very positive about Creation's Dream becoming a reality.

Talk to you all soon." - Randy Amys


Day Four - January 24


"We came back between 4:30 and 5am and worked 'til 10 to finish the piece. We are all very happy with the way it turned out." - Randy Amys


"Here are the photos of our piece when we added the fire to it. Really adds another dimension to it.

Hope you all have enjoyed this as much as we have creating it for everyone.

Stay Tuned for the results." - Randy Amys




The Results!



Gold Medal - Team Canada Yukon "Family Reunion"

The elders dance and swirl in their button blankets, calling upon their ancestors to come and to impart their wisdom for “the people” of today.



Silver Medal & Artist Choice - Team China "March of Spring"

We often remember bits of spring during the winter; the dancing butterflies, the blooming flowers, the singing meadowlarks outside the windows, we write all those beautiful sounds into the rhythm of spring, desperate for spring in the wintertime.



Bronze Medal - Team USA Wyoming "Trunks Optional"

A young elephant is contemplating taking a plunge into a pond. He is standing on a diving board that bends down to the water with his weight. A signpost in the water says, “Trunks Optional.” The playfulness of the subject, the textures and balance all combine to make it both challenging and fun.



People's And Kid's Choice - Team Alaska "Viewmaster Trailer"

Hide and seek, Alaska style.

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