Sapporo, Japan - February 4-7, 2009


The Concept

This design titled "Snow Sprites" will be 4 figures all the same.  They are a tribute to the Winnebago Indians and Frank Lloyd Wright.


The Team

Team USA: Leon Laucirica, Randy Amys and Steve Mercia, 


Day One

"Wow did we move some snow today.  Randy and Steve made the Winnebago template using old towels and duct tape.  We got started after the opening ceremony.  The photos are from after lunch and at 8pm when we were all exhausted.  Everyone is happy with our progress.  Itís always good to get all the major removal done in the first day.  That way we can spend the rest of the time recovering the aches and pains.  Our concept is being well received by the spectators.  Many of them asking who is Frank Lloyd Wright.

The weather was warm and sunny most of the day, which leant to a perfect first day.  Now we need all of you to focus your thoughts of cold cloudy weather to Sapporo." - Randy


Day Two

"Our second day went really well. We were able to get the 4 figures defined. Large crowds passed by as the snowy rain fell. No need to mix slush, the whole piece was s slushy snow cone. Itís wonderful to see all the Americans who are stationed here taking the opportunity to experience the culture of the Sapporo Snow Festival.

We had an opportunity to visit with some Navy personnel for a beer after we finished for the day. They are stationed here and on assignment to compete in the local snow sculpture event across the street. As always the competition in our event is going to be real stiff. Many details are already showing from the master carvers on the China, Hong Kong and Malaysia teams.

Hereís hoping for some colder weather." - Randy


Day Three

Greetings from snowy Sapporo,

If you are a skier or snowboarder, you would love these conditions. It has been nothing but powder all day. We watched it pile up and by the time it was done there must be 12 Ė 16 inches of the light fluffy stuff. We spent the day squaring up lines and surfaces. The school children were around a lot practicing their English on us. They are so cute and all the same. " Excuse me please. Where are you from? Sign please. Thank you"

"We get ready for the last 12 hours today. It is looking very "powerful and watchful" as one spectator put it. Steve says "Hi, he still has 10 fingers and toes" No nicks. Time to make it fine!

We will share the finished piece soon." - Randy


The Finished Piece

"Here it is!  The day went well and we were able to fluff and buff most of the time.  The sun did come out and did it's best to melt the south side.  We are all happy with the piece and await the judging." - Randy


And the Winners Are...

Fifth Place - Korea

Fourth Place - Finland

Third Place - Hong Kong

Second Place - Lithuania

First Place - Thailand


Some of the Other Pieces


Hob-Knobbing with Other Famous People


An unexpected surprise - Jim Zumwalt, Charge d'Affaires ad interim in U.S. Embassy Tokyo visits our favorite team at the Sapporo Snow Festival

"Thanks again for following along and for your support." - Randy Amys

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