Nayoro, Japan - February 11-13, 2009


The Concept


The Team

Leon Laucirica, Steve Mercia and Randy Amys


Day One

"Greetings from Cold Nayoro!

"What a perfect start to an awesome event.  With temperatures around 28 we started the day carving out the unwanted snow.  Our first day went well and we even finished up early enough to sit in the hot tub and rest our weary bones.  We look forward to sharing "Spokes" with you with these conditions it should turn out well.  We may even have the opportunity to incorporate a kinetic side to this piece." - Randy Amys




Day Two






"Today things were rolling right along. The photos show the progress we made. Looking forward to spending all of tomorrow working on the details and making this one fly!

The weather is cooperating perfectly. We will see what tomorrow brings.

The next photos you receive will be the finished piece." - Randy Amys


The Finished Piece

"The competition ended with some amazing pieces taking shape. What perfect conditions to carve rolling snow sculptures. "Spokes" is fueled up and ready to roll. Here are the photos of the finished piece. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did carving it." - Team USA Colorado, Randy, Steve & Leon


The Winners

3rd Place

Japan Sapporo


2nd Place



1st Place

Japan, Mizayaki


People's Choice

Team USA Colorado!







Japan Nayoro





Japan University Alumni


The End of the Day

Thanks for all your support.  Now, it's time to celebrate!

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