Potatoes - 6 large

Onion 1/2 medium

Vegenaise -  3/4 - 1 cup

Tofutti Sour Cream - 1/4 cup

Dijon Mustard - 2 teaspoons

Parsley, fresh - 1/4 cup

Salt - 1/2 to 1 teaspoon

Black Pepper - 1/8 teaspoon

Dill, dried or fresh - 1/4 teaspoon

Optional - Celery and/or sweet pickle relish


Peel potatoes, cut into chunks, boil in lightly salted water for about ten minutes until a fork inserted into one piece just begins to split it, drain and cool immediately.  I drain the pot, add cold water, let sit a moment drain, add cold water, etc until the potatoes are cool to the touch.


While the potatoes are cooking, thinly chop the onion, mince the parsley and mix in a large bowl with the other ingredients.  Taste before adding the potatoes.  It should be salty and have a nice tang.


Add the potatoes and chill before serving.  Keeps well for up to five days.




If you have a sweet onion, you can add more onion and not have to chop it as fine as a stronger onion.


Red potatoes hold up best in salad but any kind of potatoes will work.


Leave the skins on if you are using new potatoes.  Peel if they are old or showing a green tint.


For a festive look, try using red, white and purple potatoes!


This method takes only 30 minutes to prepare.



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