Another week, another relaxing ride on the Tobacco Trail.  The weather has been spicy cool in the mornings, turning to golden warm in the afternoons.  We can all tell the horses really enjoy getting out.  Trail riding is essential for alleviating the stress of arena riding in lesson horses as well as in the instructors.  On this day, instructors Karen, Lisa and Camille rode with board secretary Nancy.  Karen, on Chance wore orange in honor of hunting season and Halloween.


Lisa rode her young Icelandic Pony, Grendel and Nancy rode her older Quarter Horse mare, Chesapeake.  Grendel is great fun to ride as is Chesapeake.  Both of them are unflappable and love getting out on the trail. Click on the pictures to view a larger image.


Camille rode Rose, star of the Head's Up stable.  It's obvious that Rose looks forward to these outings, as does Camille.




Camille, Karen and Nancy took advantage of the spectacular fall weather to exercise ponies on the Tobacco Trail.  On the 24th, Camille rode Abby with Karen on Chance and Nancy on Rose.  Click on the photos for a better look.


On the 29th, Karen rode Abby, Nancy rode Zan and Camille rode Chance.  I love this picture of Karen and Abby.  Click on it to see a larger image.  Be sure to take a moment to say goodbye to Abby.  She suffered a fatal case of colic and had to be put down less than three weeks after this this ride, on October 16th.  Abby had the lightest gaits of any horse I've ever ridden.  She was a ballerina.  Riding Abby was like floating in a dream.  She was only seven years old.




In addition to long, wooden bridges, bicyclists and dogs, there is a concrete tunnel under the highway that the horses have to get their head around.


Both times one of us got off and led the first horse through on the way out and were able to coax the horses through without dismounting on the way back to the trailer.  Seven-year-old Abby trusts Karen and is being very brave to take the lead.  Click on the framed photo for a better look.




These rides are great for the horses and for us.  They get a nice break from the riding arena and get a chance to overcome their fears and gain confidence.  Both Zan and Chance look pretty content at the end of the ride.



Head's Up Therapeutic Riding received two new horses, Tonka and Breezie for use in Camille's Adult Beginning Horseback Riding Lesson program.  So we took them out on the trail April 22 to see how they handled and they are great!

 Karen loves the way Tonka moves.  She laughed and called him a Circus Pony!




Another Wednesday morning trail ride with Karen, Nancy, Adah and Camille.  Adah tightens Jasper's girth.  Chance stands ready for mounting. 


Out on the trail, Nancy leads the string on Zan followed by Karen on Abby and Adah on Jasper.

Back at the barn, Camille poses with Chance for a flyer to promote general riding lessons.  Click on the photo to view a larger file.  Chance is a sorrel-colored quarter horse which means his mane and tail are lighter than his body color as shown in this photo of his neck and mane.  All the horses are fuzzy this time of year.

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