April 24, 1985 - December 16, 2015

Jesse earned his name by being the kind of horse that would do just about anything.  He would canter from a standstill, pull a cart or  a man on skis, calmly walk in parades, and jump tractor tires.  Jessie was a school horse with such a nice personality that even small children could ride him in a halter. Jesse was always a gentleman - even when in pain.   You could crawl under his belly without fear.  He ate his corn from the cob in a straight line (if you held it for him.)  He is one of the sweetest and most reliable horses we have ever known.

Jesse was Camille's first horse and later, Bob's first horse.  They say you never feel the same about another horse the way you did about your first horse and it's true.  After wishing for a pony for 33 years, Camille decided to get serious and buy one.  When she brought him home, Jesse was nearly 3 years old, measured 15:1 hands, had a nice personality and was very green.  Two years and about 1500 hours later, he was broke to ride over, under, across and around anything and measured 16 hands.  When Jesse was 8, Camille traded him to Bob for his 3-year-old saddle horse, Penny.


These were taken in 1992.  It wasn't too hard to get Jesse to stand still as inaction was generally his first choice.  For insurance, Camille taught him to stop all movement upon hearing the word, "whoa."


The tradition continues a few years later with Emily up on top this time.  Camille trained Jesse in a halter and lead rope because she couldn't afford to buy a side pull.  It worked just great and he always went well in this meager attire.




Jessie now lives in Colorado with Julie and Heath Hunter and their two children.  Julie pampers him beyond belief and lets him have the run of their 40 acres. It is obvious that Jesse knows which side his bread is buttered on from this photo.  Julie holds her little girl, Easton in this photo from 1998.

This is such a typical pose, I had to include it.

Same look, different day.

When Jesse came to live with me, he was so mischievous they called him, "Ivan" as in Ivan the Terrible.  I was taking pictures of the other horses in the pasture and he was standing companionably beside me.  Moments later, he nipped me on my calf and I chased him away from me.  He trotted off down the pasture and turned to give me this look, as if to say, "What?!" and I caught it on film.

At 16 hands, Jesse and Bob are just the right size for each other.

Camille has not stopped loving her first horse.




On a visit to Colorado in 1999, Camille took the opportunity to hang out with her old pal.



On May 27, 2005, Bob and Camille spent some time with Julie and Jesse, now 20-years old.  For more photos click on Jesse.




Julie sent these photos of Jesse taken in 2011 when he was 26-years old. As you can see, he has gone a little grey in his face. Sideburns, Julie calls them. She has obviously taken very good care of him over the years and reports that he is no longer ridden but likes to go for walks in the mountains where he gets his spunk on and sometimes runs ahead of her, then stops and looks back over his shoulder to make sure she is coming.



March, 2013 - Jesse is still looking like the star he is. Thanks, Julie!
Two years later, Jessie passed a couple of weeks before Christmas after suffering a stroke. Julie was by his side through it all and he is now buried on her land.



Bob rides Jesse across the front lawn of our 7-acre horse property in 1997, right after Camille mowed the lawn and just before a hurricane moved in.

Our friend, Ann Lipp, lent us trailer space for a ride through nearby York River State Park on a brisk fall day in 1997.



1990 - Jesse is interested in getting his share of Camille's lunch.

As members of Larimer County Horseman's Association, Jesse and Camille joined in on many weekend trail rides in the Mountains.  For the price of a made lunch (which Jesse carried in those blue saddle bags) and a tank of gas, we were welcomed to ride shot gun with other members who had trucks and trailers.  Jesse was so easy-going that he went just fine in a web halter with a cotton lead tied on for reins.



All dressed up in his Driving Gear.  


Jesse learns to drive in the winter of 1995 at Beybreeze Farm.



Summer of 1985, this precocious fellow embarks upon his adventure through this world.  His given name was Lena's Sweet Rum.



He's a friendly sort.  His mother, Super Sweet Sider (a.k.a. Freckles,) came from Three Bars Stock as did his dad, Lena's Bay Rum.  Docs Keepin Time, also from this line, played the role of Black Beauty in the film.

Freckles had a reputation as a dog killer.  When any kind of canine entered her pasture, she would run over and try to jump on it with all four feet.  She often succeeded and actually managed to kill a few.  This explained Jesse's aptitude for chasing dogs while under saddle, a sport we heartily engaged in as a team to make the county roads safer for horseback riders.  When a dog ran out to chase us, we'd kiss Jess up into a trot to egg the dog on.  Jesse's ears would be twitching in anticipation for the signal to whirl around as we drew that dog down the road a bit.  When it was time, we'd spin and trot towards the dog, sending it running home with its tail between its legs!

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