Nieces and Nephews

A plethora of youngsters!


1985 Brandon, Charity and Aphia



Two of Aphia’s school pictures.



Two of Charity’s school pictures.


2009DebraRobert 1995TaylorTeresa

Debra and Robert (2009) and their two youngest, Taylor and Theresa (1995)


20090517LancasterIllos  2012TheresaDebraTaylor

Theresa, Debra, Robert, Camille and Bob – 2009 and Debra with Theresa and Taylor – 2012



2009 – Aphia, Camille, Joseph, Bob and Aphia’s partner, Michael



2013 – Aphia and Michael and Charity and Jason



Brandon and Joanna in 2013. Valentine family portrait at their home with John and Darla and Jason and Charity and their children.


Jason and Charity with new baby Lydia, Levi and Alanna


2009 Family Reunion at John and Darla’s with Darla’s parents Sonny and Dolora, Bob and Camille, Janice and John senior, children and grandchildren.


Aunt Camille with her grand-nephews and nieces – 2009



2012 – New addition, Josiah



2012 – Lydia, Alanna and Levi embrace their younger brother. John, a professional photographer took these excellent photos.



Josiah 2012 and 2013 with his family



Both Josiah and Brandon and Joanna’s Bethany have beguiling ways about them


20080523JimChrstinaKathryn  20120526ChristinaLouWeddingDay

James, Kathryn and Christina – 2008. Christina and Lou on their wedding day May, 2012.



Kathryn cradles daughter Christina’s firstborn girl. Janice and Christina pose for a snapshot at her coming out party – 2013