Robert, the happy third child born just nine days before Bob



Janice and Helen playing with an irresistibly happy child which we are pretty sure is Robert. We called him Baby as we did all of the kids, until the next baby came along. So when Michael was born, Baby became Bobby.



Fun loving 70’s in Shippensburg. The picture on the right was taken at Big Pond, a much frequented swimming hole up in the hills surrounding town.



Clowning around in Nana Helen’s basement sometime in the mid to late 70’s. If you’ve looked at some of the other pages, you’ve seen other photos from this day. Apparently the brothers and sister were having a great time together and snapped a lot of pictures.



One more basement picture and a picture snapped by James outside the capital in Washington DC.



1982 and 1985ish – taken in Pennsylvania with Charity and Darla and Colorado.



How to eat potato salad at a picnic when no one thought to bring spoons. Colorado, 1986.


1990’s, we think